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To be appointed or elected to chapter office or senate after successfully serving for one semester.

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Voting Procedures Your constitution could state how various decisions are made in the group and what type of vote is required to enact decisions. The librarian will not be a current-serving member of Honor Council. You can look at his art on his website at http: Official name of the group This needs to be stated in your constitution as you will want it to appear on all directories, lists and promotional material used on campus.

The function of the Executive Committee shall be to control matters consistent with the aims and objectives of the Student Union and to carry out the wishes of the Student Union as expressed by the resolution of the Annual General Meeting. The maximum term of office shall be 2 consecutive years.

The President of the College will refer to this report before deciding to renew the policy of student administration of the Honor Code for the coming year. They will preside at all Plenary sessions of the Association.

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The voting procedures can vary depending on different situations, as long as they are outlined in your constitution. The meetings of the Executive Committee shall be convened and conducted as in Schedule 4 of the Constitution.

Our Constitution

The elections shall be re-run will all due haste. Article VII - Amended in Spring Election Geoduck Union Representatives meet weekly at a publicly-announced time and place, and these meetings are open to the public.

SUA also uses group constitutions as an advising tool. Honorary members are not required to pay dues.

Student Union Constitution

Finance of the Corporation The finance of the Student Union shall be administered in accordance with Schedule 5 of the constitution. Minutes All Annual General Meeting and Executive Committee Meetings shall have minutes recorded and confirmed with any corrections made at the next appropriate meeting.

To keep copies of all formal reports of the officers and committee chairpersons. The Geoduck Union will reserve money to be used for at least one all-student online referendum per quarter. To take, maintain, and distribute an accurate record of all board and general membership meetings.

In this regard the committee will consider the Student Constitution, the Honor Code, handbook policies, administrative practices, and the allocation of college and student funds.

Our Constitution

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Constitution and By-Laws Instructions. By registering with Student Unions & Activities, your group is agreeing to abide by all University of Minnesota policies, including policies governing activities, events and other operations on the Twin Cities Constitution of the Black Student Union.

University of Delaware. Preamble. The Black Student Union and all members hereafter will adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by this Constitution of the Black Student Union of the University of Constitution of the Black Student Union University of Delaware Preamble The Black Student Union and all members hereafter will adhere to the rules an.

· Section 1. The Oberlin College Student Union is an association of students registered for study on the Oberlin Campus. Section 2. The Student Union shall have its headquarters and center its activities on the Oberlin College

Student union constitution
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Our Constitution @ Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union