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Thousands of businesses have joined the GramercyOne family to provide online booking to their customers, manage day-to-day In relation to Ahitud et. Interaction is the main element in multimedia technology as most of its applications are characterized by interaction.

The iterative implementation approach is a theory that eliminates problems of using a waterfall study. These technologies led to the development of information databases that provides simple and prompt retrieval of information through networking, In Local Area Network Enrollment System LANESthe problems on admission and evaluation of academic records, subject reservation, assessment and payment of fees and issuance of class cards are besieged.

Sander computers are an intelligence amplifier that can free human to use their time effectively. Automation Enrollment System Gumitaosystem is designed to provide reports of the list of enrollment per school year, periodical grade of students, and list of new, old and transferees Revalla created an Automation Enrollment System for the computer Science Department of the Laguna College business and Arts.

The literatures of this study come from books, journals, articles, electronic materials such as PDF or E-Book, and other existing theses and dissertations, foreign and local that are believed to be useful in the advancement of awareness concerning the study.

Even the crippled Philippine economy got a boost from text messaging especially its influence to the teens. Her ability to attend to the modeled behavior is influenced by factors in her own experience as well as in the situation; her skill in retaining what she has observed reflects a collection of cognitive skills; her reproduction of the behavior depends on other cognitive skills including the use of feedback from others; and she will be motivated to produce the behavior by various incentives, her own standards, and her tendency to compare herself with others Hetherington, p.

Thorndike, like many of the early behavioral learning theorists, linked behavior to physical reflexes. According to Dean Taylor, students between the ages 5 and 18 years of age are expected to learn in school.

Both foreign and local studies discussed the functions of an Online Information System such as the study of Marrrerogenerally, Information System is supposed to inform people.

Additional information on the effectiveness of classroom-based physical activity programs on academic performance e. Students now have numerous options available to them when it comes to learning techniques.

These studies promoted integration of personality development and interdisciplinary programs into school curriculum to aid students enhance positive behavior and personality leading to the decrease of tardiness.

This conducted system goes along the trend of computerization to be in the field of competitiveness and survive to the complicated works. The use of pleasant and unpleasant consequences to change behavior is often referred to as operant conditioning Microsoft Encarta Reference Library, The enrollment process is the initial stage in gathering bonafide fide and accurate student information necessary to establish student permanent records.

They simply cut and paste document into the content management system audit for consistency and publish to the web. While Gatonthe system allows students to choose courses they want to take with the available class schedules.

This is particularly dangerous because research shows that the teacher is one of the greatest factors in student success McNeal, Another research partly studied about tardiness but tackled a specific reason or factor.

Due to the fact that tardiness has been giving negative effects on the students nowadays, the most important thing to do is to develop a firm, consistent and functional policy that addresses late students.

An registration system is basically included in one of the classification of information system that is stated by the author, thus it serves as a tool to support information management with regards to the student data, enrollment fees information and other with a connection to the enrollment process.

There are different systems designed for reliable, efficient and very useful to the user. Schools use information systems in the way of implementing an enrollment system. The means of collecting data was through a thirty-item questionnaire answerable by either strongly agree SAagreed Adisagree Dand strongly disagreed SD.

The students face a lot of problems in developing positive study attitudes and study habits. According to Gallavan et al Teachers, especially at the novice level, are not aware of the vastly different worlds their students live in.

Teachers are role models who continuously induce and respond to the emotional reactions of their students. Nakpodia and Dafiaghor attribute lateness or tardiness to a lot of factors or causes.

What they learn will also determine the choices they make when they enter the workforce or continue into higher education. The definition of quality of education varies from culture to culture Michael, The tardy student also poses as a threat to the school as an educational and professional institution and the student may be one of the less productive members of the society.

review of related literature and studies¶ The literature and studies cited in this chapter tackle the different concept, understanding, and ideas, generalization or conclusions and different development related to study of the enrollment from the past up to the present and which serves as the researchers guide in developing the project.

Foreign and local related literature?

English and Related Literature

Chapter 2. Literature review Chapter 2 is more formal than chapter 1 and presents a critical analysis of prior scholarship related to the central questions of the dissertation.

UNIVERSITY OF CALOOCAN CITY Tulip St. Area C Camarin, Caloocan City Bachelor of Science in Computer Science CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter primarily presents the different researches and other literatures form both foreign and local researchers, which have significant bearings on the variables included in the research.

Related Local and Foreign Literature and study Words | 6 Pages. Local Literature An article from The Philippine Star dated August 7, by Louella D. Desiderio entitled “Businesses urged to use Internet to push products”. Related Local and Foreign Literature and study Words Jul 29th, 6 Pages Local Literature An article from The Philippine Star dated August 7, by Louella D.

Desiderio entitled “Businesses urged to use Internet to push products”. Foreign and Local Literature EVIEW OF RELATED STUDIES AND LITERATURE By conducting a research of some related studies and literature, it enables the researchers to understand the conducted study.

The survey and investigation of the past studies is essential to the researchers to for it to give ideas and also as guide.

Local and foreign related literature student
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